Babies In Sheep's Clothing
What we do...

We source the highest quality ethically produced lambskin and merino products.  All our products are handmade, and are built to last.  We know that our products can be passed along to a brother or sister - they only get better with age!  Our products are now available in larger sizes, with some suitable for teen and adult wear.

Completely handmade in rural New Zealand, all materials are ethically sourced and each piece is made of natural fibres.  Our merino products are made from sustainable merino, and the natural coloured wool is eco-merino - about as natural as you can get!  We know where our products come from and that they have been produced with the environment and the future in mind.

We don't use any synthetics or polyester in our items, so they can go right next to your child's skin from birth - wrap them in our merino travel blanket and pop a pair of our lambskin booties on their feet to come home from hospital!

We passionately believe in knowing where our raw materials come from, who makes them into our products, where those products are made, and that everyone involved in the process is treated and paid fairly.

We are also incredibly aware of the devastation felt in and around the city of Christchurch as a result of the recent earthquakes and aftershocks.  We are proud to be able to donate $NZ1 to the Christchurch Earthquake Fund for every pair of ballet slippers purchased worldwide until the end of 2013.
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